Ping Pong


Ping-pong was invented on the dining tables of England in the 19th century, and it was called Wiff-waff! And there, I think, you have the difference between us and the rest of the world. Other nations, the French, looked at a dining table and saw an opportunity to have dinner; we looked at it an saw an opportunity to play Wiff-waff. -Boris Johnson

I’m an extra dark black belt in ping pong. -Judah Friedlander

Another tormentor inquired if it was true that I had installed two ping-pong tables in my basement. I asked, was it a crime? No, he said, but why two? Is that a crime? I countered, and they all laughed. – Vladimir Nabokov

My strong game was ping pong. Relentless… steady. – Marv Albert

2 thoughts on “Ping Pong

  1. I used to love playing ping-pong in the basement with my brothers and sisters when I was young – thank you for the memories and great pictures – you are so talented Renee and Lance – it must be nice to be able to collaborate together on a project! 🙂

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    1. Yeah we grew up playing ping pong with our siblings and cousins as well. A lot of fun and good memories. Thanks for the comment!

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