Time to Get Outside

In a society saturated with electronics and media it seems getting outside is not as valued and appreciated as it should be. Both kids and adults would be wise to enjoy time outdoors.

Adults need to take the initiative on this more often. It’s hard to tell and encourage someone to do something if you’re not willing to do it yourself. And besides that, you miss out on the possibility of creating great memories and building stronger relationships with your kids, nieces, and nephews.

Every time I get outside and do something with my nieces and nephews I end up seeing a different side of their creativity. It’s wonderful to see kids using their imaginations and laughing and having fun, it become contagious.

Getting away from screens and getting outside also provides the benefit of exercise and building better health. So, why not enjoy the outdoors more often?

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”– Amelia Earhart


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