Short Indie Action Scene

This was a spur of the moment short action scene we filmed and edited. Hopefully it shows that you can make something fun, decent, and entertaining with little to no budget and less than ideal equipment.

How We Made It
We used an old GoPro (Hero4), and a Canon Rebel T3i. So, we didn’t use any spectacular equipment, just what we had on hand at the time. Everything was handheld and we didn’t use any extra lighting equipment. We spent roughly 30-45 minutes filming this. Neither camera captures very good audio and because we were giving direction to the actors (who are not professionals, just acquaintances) while filming we didn’t have any usable audio from the cameras. All audio was done in editing. We had never used Fiverr before, but were always curious if you could get some quality work done for a reasonable price on there. So, we gave it a shot and paid someone $50 to do the foley. We then finished up with a few additional sound effects and music. In all editing took roughly 2-3 days.

This turned out to be a really fun project to work on and we were happy with the foley we got from a seller on Fiverr. The final product turned out pretty decent all things considered.

It’s Not a Waste of Time
Not everyone is going to have the money/resources to reach a large audience, but we all still have some area of influence and reach. As an artist once said, “just because many of my paintings don’t sell, doesn’t mean that they were a waste of time to paint.” So, my encouragement to creators is: if you can make something within your means and you enjoy doing it, then go for it, regardless of whether it reaches a large audience or has a big budget behind it.

You can find our Fiverr gig here, offering color correction and color grading for short videos.

When you order from this store, part of the proceeds are given to The Underdog Squad.

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