Dangerous Ideology

When the evidence is weighed will you be convicted of being a follower of Jesus or of following a worldy system that opposes God? Following Jesus might get you cancelled, killed, or persecuted. Christians need to be clear about their allegiance. Are we bowing down to the god of system controlled media, so called science, civil institutions, mob mentality, or to the God of the Bible? The beliefs of the cultural shift in America today are not compatible with Christianity.

This dangerous ideology has manifest itself in recent history in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and Communist China. Cultural marxism turns into socialism and finally manifests itself as full blown communism in the end. Without exception Christian persecution has taken place everywhere these ideas have been implemented. At their core they are atheistic with no room for belief in the God of the Bible. Karl Marx was clear on this point. In these systems the state becomes the ultimate authority.

For Christians God and his word are the ultimate authority. Our nation was founded on that principal-so this movement attempts to undo that. Are men owned by governments or free souls under God? These systems demand to control your thinking, beliefs, actions, and decide what’s best for you. Our thoughts and beliefs should conform to Christ (2. Cor 10:5). These movements are a counterfeit Christianity and seek to be Christianity without Christ. Jesus died in the place of and for sinful man to offer forgiveness to those who believe. These government systems do not want a savior such as Jesus-they portray themselves as the savior for the problems they themselves create. When a movement becomes lawless and devolves to riots, looting, chants of f— the police, and other such evils those do not flow from God. Matthew 7:20 says “…you will recognize them by their fruits”. Those are not fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness).

Government restrictions cannot come from God when they include criminalizing churches and church goers, outlawing singing and worship, and banning religious gatherings. Matthew 22:21 tells us to give to Caesar what is his (taxes), but to give to God what is His (worship and allegiance). This movement seeks to place the government in authority over any church activities. That is God’s realm and the Bible is clear about that. Matthew 10:28 says “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul And body in hell”.

Messages encouraging fear of a virus or man permeate the media when the one thing we should actually fear is a holy God. Those who truly fear God will have a pattern of obedience to Him over all else. Daniel shows us that we obey God over government when conflicts arise. Paul and the apostles demonstrate obedience to Christ Jesus vs government mandates-even when it results in their death as it did. Job 13:15 “Though he slay me, I will hope in him”. As civil mandates rise to the level of conflicting against religious conviction and Biblical instruction we cannot comply. To do so would be placing the government as lord instead of Jesus as Lord. It may well soon become clear who you serve and worship.

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