A Warm Cup on a Cold Day

The air feels frigid and brutal outside.  It’s beautiful with the snow hanging on the grass and trees airy like cotton candy. Time to get warmed up!

I’m not a coffee drinker; I’ll occasionally have some with lots of tasty creamer, but for the most part I’m not a fan. I do like a good warm cup of hot chocolate, however that’s got a lot of sugar. I don’t like the taste of most teas and only drink it when I’m not feeling well. So, when a friend introduced me to Matcha Tea Latte I was impressed. It is a warm drink that hits the spot for me.

½ cup of Organic Coconut Milk

¾ cup of Water

½ tsp. of Organic Matcha Powder

¼ tsp. of Organic Ginger Powder

1 tsp. of Raw Honey (or to taste)

Whisk and heat over the stovetop. (FYI – It contains caffeine.)

Matcha powder is ground up green tea leaves, which they claim have several health benefits. Do some research before you buy Matcha powder, as some of it can be very heavy in chemical residue. That’s why I’m on the organic train, my body is extremely sensitive to chemicals and I feel so much better when I have an organic option.

I’m also conscientious, as I believe we all are now, of saving money where we can. That’s why I use less Coconut milk and add water. Substituting the milk with other alternatives may be a money saver also. If you’ve never tried Matcha Tea Latte I’d recommend you check it out and stay warm.

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