3 Resources for Battling Mold Sickness

I have had two separate instances of prolonged toxic exposures to black mold, the first one in 2009 and the second in 2013. The struggle is ongoing as I am sensitive to a lot of things (foods, chemicals, etc..), but thankfully I have made big improvements. Here are 3 resources that personally helped me battle mold sickness.

I have had success going the natural or non-conventional route.

  • This doctor has helped me a lot. He is the founder of Functional Bio-Analysis, which helps isolate which areas of the body are in need of the most help, and essentially getting to the heart of the problem. Then helps treat those areas with natural supplements.
  • Find someone who practices acugraph acupuncture. This was my first experience trying acupuncture, but now I am a believer in its effectiveness if done correctly. I really noticed I was able to start sweating more, and was able to start doing more exercise as a result as well.

And of course it is very helpful to have someone who believes you and encourages and helps you, as there is no overnight fix for this struggle.

Proceeds from this shop help support The Underdog Squad.

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