5 Ways to Go Organic

When I first wanted to go organic, I was completely overwhelmed and unsure. Organic items come at a sharp markup compared to there less regulated counterparts. Could I really afford it? Would it really make a difference? In the beginning it seems like a huge financial commitment to buy organic, but I finally decided to try.

  1. The pricing for organic is higher. I’d suggest slowly transitioning your items over to organic. This will help cut down on the initial sticker shock. But honestly when you change your eating habits, your buying habits change and I find it very doable. Plus if you are healthier, you don’t need to visit a doctor as much or take as many pills…it all works it’s self out in the end.
  2. If you have a local Farmers Market check it out. You are able to talk directly with the farmer to see how it’s grown and could get better pricing. I especially liked getting my eggs and meat from the farm when I lived in the city.
  3. Grow what you can. Buy organic seeds and plant whatever you have the space for. It’s a much cheaper option and learning how to garden is great.
  4. Raise what you are able. If you have space, raise chickens for your eggs. You will be putting in an investment upon purchasing your animals, as well as feed and care for them. However, the great thing is you have complete control and know exactly what is in your food.
  5. If none of this is a current option here is a trick. Do a vinegar rinse on all your fruits and veggies. Put 1-part vinegar in a sink of 3 to 4 parts cold water and let your produce set for approx. 10 minutes. The vinegar will neutralize any remaining chemical residue. Also, buy Non-GMO meat and eggs if possible. This will be a step in the right direction.

Moving to organic foods and being able to raise my own food sources have made a huge impact on my overall health. Our bodies are amazing and can handle a lot, but they work better if they aren’t always on high alert. Some people are more sensitive and will notice a huge difference; others won’t be able to tell as much in the short-term. But I believe it will make a big difference on the long-term health of everyone who is able to consume fewer chemicals.

Proceeds from this shop help support The Underdog Squad.

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