What to Expect on a Photoshoot

Here are some brief guidelines for what to expect on a photoshoot and some additional tips for preparing for a photoshoot. Every photoshoot is different, so this is not a set in stone standard but rather a broad guide to help you plan and prepare.

Newborn Photo Session:
A newborn session generally takes longer than normal sessions. Allowing time for the mother to feed the baby and time for the baby to fall asleep. Plan for a two hour session. We do offer doing the session in your home as some families feel more comfortable and at east at home. But every photographer is different, so check with them about what they are willing and able to do.

High School Senior Photo Session:
Bring multiple outfits as most senior sessions involve both indoor studio photos and outdoor on location photos. Feel free to bring your own props or items that are important to you. For example: band instruments, sports outfits and equipment, art, pets, hats, scarf, sunglasses, etc… For clothing avoid distracting patterns. Solid colors and long sleeves are good choices for clothing as they generally photograph well. Wear outfits that you feel good in and that express yourself.

Family Session:
Plan for an hour session. Wear colors that compliment each other. If someone is going to wear white make sure everyone wears white. If only one person wears white all the attention will be drawn to that person in a photograph.

Weddings are very involved and therefore much planning beforehand is needed. We generally prefer to photograph the wedding party and families before the ceremony as we find it is generally difficult to get everyone together after the ceremony. Then we can focus on capturing the candid and special moments during the ceremony and reception.

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