Hanging with the Kids

Animals are so much fun! They do require work and cleaning up after, but it’s worth it for the joy they bring to our lives. I believe baby goats are absolutely adorable!

I always anxiously await kidding season. To watch the baby’s first steps, too their first hop, into their joyous and continuous leaping. It’s an exciting season! They enjoy lots of attention. Like quietly being held, petted, and as they grow they love to leap onto your back. Everyone who encounters them has a smile on their face! You just can’t help yourself.

Whether you have goats, a dog, a cat or just a fluffy stuffed animal. Research has found being around animals is very helpful for your health. They can assist in both your physical and mental well-being; improving your cardiovascular health, decreasing stress, reducing loneliness, and lessening depression. God created all animals for us to care for and enjoy.

We don’t have to look too far or too hard to find stress now a days. Loneliness and depression are real issue for senior citizens and children alike. Let’s make sure not to over look each other and make time for some animal therapy. Pet a dog, hold a cat, hug a stuffed animal or I highly recommend “Kidding Around!”

Keep a journal of your goat herd.

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