The Dilemma of Filmmaking on a Micro-Budget

If you’re a filmmaker who is poor or doesn’t have a plethora of money maybe you can relate to our experience on this project.

Our dilemma was:

  1. We are poor.
  2. We like to make videos.
  3. We had written an 18-page script we wanted to film.
  4. We don’t like to act on camera (the camera doesn’t like us; it puts pounds on us in all the wrong spots).

So, we had to figure out how to make something in the micro-budget range, while still utilizing quality actors. 

Our solution: 

  1. Use only a 2-person crew.
  2. Only 1 day of filming with limited and make shift locations. 
  3. We didn’t have access to the most expensive filmmaking equipment, so we tried to be creative and frugal with what we had.

The result: 

  1. We learned a lot. 
  2. We had fun. 
  3. We pushed ourselves to mental and physical exhaustion.
  4. We finished something most people thought was crazy to even try.
  5. We are still poor, but not any poorer than when we started.
  6. We still enjoy making videos.

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