It’s Not Fair

For some reason we automatically think things should be fair, they should be equal; life should hand out the same amount of good and bad to each of us. Where we get this idea I’m not sure, but if we put it into actual practice is doesn’t work the way we think it should.

For instance, let’s say there is a family with three children, two boys and one girl. In the spirit of being fair mom and dad give each of the children the exact same blue sports suit. Two problems arise right away; this sports suit fits one child and is two big for the other two. Besides the suit not fitting, two of the children don’t like the blue color. So, you say well just buy each child their correct size and preferred color. Well yes, but now the cost spent on each child is not the same, so we aren’t being completely fair.

Which brings us to another factor in this fairness theory. Each of us has unique personalities with our own likes and dislikes. Let’s say these parents are dividing up their assets to pass down to their children. Most people would easily say just divvy it up equally. But what if the parents own a farm, with animals, a house and a barn. How do you evenly divvy this up? Basically, sell everything and divide the cash? Yes, but this farm has been in the family for generations and the parents don’t want it sold. What if they leave the cash in their savings account to the one child who has no interest in farming or living in the country? What if they leave the farm to the child who loves farming and would cherish the home? What if they leave the animals to be cared for by the child who loves animals? What if the farm income is split half going to the child who will run the farm and the other receiving 1/4th the income for a period of time?

It’s nice to think that life should be fair, but reality doesn’t add up to that. God never promises that we will each have two bad things happen and ten good things happen to each of us. No, but we each have been created uniquely and will have our own personal experiences, both good and bad, through the many circumstances of our life. We should embrace this, not wasting time looking around to compare how our life is measuring up to someone else’s in our own minds eye of fairness. Be thankful for what you have, for the blessing you’ve been given and work toward achieving goals.

We should be thankful life isn’t fair; it would be boring and unimaginative. It would also lack hope! For we have all been given life and the opportunity to worship our Creator. Praise God, Jesus took upon Himself our FAIR punishment! If only we will acknowledge Him as Savior, ask forgiveness of our countless offenses toward Him, and turn from our evil ways. We have the opportunity to receive the greatest gift possible!

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