Organizing for Wedding Photography

While most weddings are planned far in advance, sometimes it’s a quick engagement that leaves little time for prep. Don’t be afraid to take on photographing a wedding on short notice. It will take some concentrated prep time and flexibility, but could produce some great relationships and photos.

Make sure you know the basics, what they are expecting and how much time you’ll have to photograph. Then determine what’s feasible to accomplish, stay focused on the important parts. This mainly consists of photos of the bride and groom and their families. Hopefully, you’ll get to meet the bride in person and scout the wedding location before hand. Staying in touch and organized is key.

Get a shot list to the bride and determine a photo schedule as quickly as possible. This will help both you and them make final planning decisions and notify everyone else involved. Sometimes the bride hasn’t had time to think of all these things yet and this will help guide her to schedule her hair appointment and arrange for flowers to be delivered on time.

As with every photo shoot, planning will get you to the day, but flexibility and remaining calm will get you through the day. Make sure to have all your equipment packed and all backup equipment ready. Over packing is better then being without something. Don’t forget to hydrate the day before… you won’t be eating or drinking much for several hours. Once you are there enjoy the day and go with the flow!

Each experience is an opportunity to learn something new and help you better prepare for your next photo session. I like to look back and see how far I’ve come. There is always room for improvement and I like to try something new whenever I get the chance.

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