Encouragement for the Tough Times

I wanted to share a praise and hope this is encouraging to everyone, especially as things are getting tougher. There isn’t much good news to be found. The little things are so important, so necessary for us to stay positive.

As restrictions and mandates are being discussed with renewed passion, I’ll share something I heard recently. Paraphrasing…”We need to hold onto things loosely during these times, your job, your money and your life.” This statement put into words what I’ve been learning since Oct. of 2020.

I held onto the job I’d had for over 3 yrs. to long… I was greedy and wanted to be comfortable, my health took a back seat. I wanted financial security and the comforts of this world. But God has a different plan for me. He’s been reminding me He is in control. My money is really His money, my job is whatever He puts before me each day and my life isn’t worth anything without Him.

We always want to feel in control of something, but we aren’t… only our actions and reactions are in our control. That truth can either be freeing or frustrating.

When I quit my job I had no idea how I was going to make it financially, especially with my limiting health condition. I was worried, ashamed and scared; I’ve had two unexpected and unique part time jobs pop up. Am I rolling in the dough now? No, and these jobs are possibly just for a short season. I’ve also had plenty of down time to reflect, write and worry some more about how I’m going to make it! But God has been my provider; using many people as a means to meet all my needs. He knows what I’ll need and when I’ll really need it, it’s been an adventure and honor to witness how He orchestrates everything together.

God always provides, but usually not in anyway you can envision. Don’t be afraid to standup, standout and let go. Let’s be willing to sacrifice, get uncomfortable, and only hold onto the most valuable and priceless things in our lives.

Let’s embrace this moment of history, let’s be willing to stand on truth, let’s keep our focus on what really matters. Let’s be thankful, let’s be prayerful, let’s be thoughtful, let’s laugh, let’s smile and hug! Let’s trust in God alone.

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