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The Legacy of a Grandma

Grandparents are a true blessing and treasure. Make the most of your time with them, they have experienced a lot in their lifetimes and there is much we can learn from them.

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To Homeschool, or not to Homeschool? 

Many people have a perceived idea of what homeschooling is and whether or not they believe it to be an adequate education. Some have known a homeschool student and that has tinted their opinion of what homeschooling is or is not. I would like to suggest that, like all things, when making a decision on educational choices, not to fall for the stereotypes that are associated with each educational choice.

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Indoctrination Camps

The current public education of our children in some schools is a full scale assualt on our children. Indoctrination camps instead of schools is what many are. Those schools who are not there yet-are fast heading there. The public school system has become child abuse and pyschological abuse of America’s children. The damage may be…

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A New Attitude

It’s been a time of turmoil and challenges since the pandemic was announced. Most everything seems controversial and exhausting. It’s causing people in our inner circles to disagree, creating division. I don’t know about you but my nerves are wearing thin. I need a new attitude!

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